WeWork’s new headquarters features a plank oak wood floor finish that covers Tate raised floor and elevated slabs resulting in their signature look throughout the open space.  

The raised floor  under the plank oak floor  is trapped so WeWork designed access points at critical locations to allow for servicing the underfloor MEP infrastructure.

ARI  cut in PVD access floor boxes to allow for connectivity wherever needed.

raised floor

The WeWork design team elected to have their trendy pantry area recessed to create a sunken lounging area for everyone to enjoy fruit infused water, cold brewed coffee, beer or relax.

ARI Products built a 6” platform for the porcelain tile, constructed ramps, steps,  and a beautiful powder coated pipe steel and glass railings that not only adds function but also elegance to the space.

raised access floor

When an elevator’s newly formed opening was cut into the space there was structural steel that prevented occupants from entering.  

raised access floor

ARI’s solution was to  build steps and a platform on top of the steel to facilitate entry.  WeWork finished the raised floor with their signature oak wood plank and ARI put the cherry on top with painted steel railings.

ari products raised access floor

We worked closely with WeWork to create their signature space, can we work with you?