• GD Chrome Ped Award

ARI 50th Anniversary: Celebrating Glenda Denton

Celebrating Glenda Denton! For the continued support through thick and thin for decades!

  • kz

Kevin Zalewski: ARI 50TH ANNIVERSARY

50 years of service and experience has brought about the leaders of today at ARI Products. Kevin is the new young talent that is proving He is ready to be a leader in the construction and raised access floor industry.

  • 1988 ARI Team

1969-2019 ARI 50th Anniversary Celebration!

1969 - 2019 Team ARI

  • ARI-Candid-102

ARI/ Tate 50th Anniversary Celebration!

The ARI Chrome Pedestal Award is given on occasion to someone who has been outstanding in their contribution to and support (ie the pedestal!) of […]

  • WW85Broad Glass Rail @ Open Lounge

WeWork on Tate Access Floor!

WeWork’s new headquarters features a plank oak wood floor finish that covers Tate raised floor and elevated slabs resulting in their signature look throughout the […]

Remote Workers Are Outperforming Office Workers and Here’s Why

Our BIM, CAD, and overall document Guru Kurt Robinson just returned from a multi year tour of Georgia, Texas, and Korea with his Army wife […]

  • Coresite PH4B()

Coresite: Flexible Data Connection

Tate Grid and Tate Access Floor

It’s no secret that the demand for data has reached an all-time high and growing exponentially.  Every phone needs the […]

  • Renn Tech2

Multi-Level Custom Designed Access Floor Cable Tray



Integral Part of Tate Access Floor




Top View

  • CBS Raised Access Floor

CBS Media Distribution Center: Look Ma, no wires!

ARI Products and Tate Access Floors Signature Finishes brought life to the CBS Media Distribution Center (MDC) project.  By designing the space with all pre […]

  • 2017-02-12-10-20-03

Cornell Tech Building: Multi Level Raised Floor Solutions

ARI Products Inc. and Tate Access Floors are committed to level raised access flooring regardless of the concrete subfloor.  The New Cornell Tech building, however, […]

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Today’s Office: Where Signature Concrete Meets Carpet


ARI Products Inc. and Tate Signature Finishes pride ourselves on providing the industry with the finest quality  finished products.  As today’s building trends keep […]

  • RAF-FF

Princeton University Classroom Challenge: Concrete, Plywood, Or Tate Access Floor?

The extent of ARI Products Inc. raised access floor installations go beyond data centers and office spaces. With different projects come uniquely different requests.   Princeton […]

  • piping bridge

Piscataway DC: Tall Challenges in a Time Crunch

This fast track Piscataway Data Center demanded a large shipment of raised access floor in a short amount of time.   ARI Products and Tate Access […]

  • Mil sq tube rail1

Millennium Hotel, One UN NY: “Modern Done Right”

ARI Products Inc. and Tate Access Floors provides solutions for all challenges! Millennium Hotel at One UN Plaza is one of those raised access floor […]

  • EI Becoming American Sign

Ellis Island Control Room and Wayfinding Raised Access Floor

ARI is proud to have contributed to the newly redesigned Ellis Island Museum.  From functional simplicity to detailed finish work, ARI’s range of abilities shined […]

  • Google Chelsea Finish

Google Chelsea Raised Access Floor

Google has been a catalyst for the movement towards the future and we were more than pleased to help with the process by installing our […]

  • Prudential Tower Access Floor

Prudential Towers Raised Floor Project

Currently under construction in Newark, New Jersey the 20-story high-rise office building will house roughly 500,000 square feet of raised floor. It features a state […]

  • Bank of America Tower

Bank Of America Access Flooring Project

One Bryant Park in New York City is 54 stories high,  1,000,000 sf for Bank of America and 1,000,000 sf of fully developed space for […]