Custom Rails, Modular Wiring & Accessories

Custom fabricated ADA rails installed and guaranteed

ARI provides custom railings for any project, manufactured and installed. Rails are readily available with quantities of anodized aluminum, brushed aluminum, stainless steel and brushed stainless steel in stock. Rails can also be easily removed and are 100% post recyclable. We have the ability to offer special features, such as powder coating, cable lines and glass panel. All of our rails are fabricated with safety in mind, ADA compliant and securely fastened.

Cii Modular Power, Voice, and Data

We maintain a complete inventory of electrical boxes, power and data distribution units (P/DDU) and plug ‘n play cables to accommodate any project need.

  • Manufactured in the USA to your specifications
  • Minimum 33% increase in project production and adds, moves, and changes
  • UL listed and fully guaranteed

Accessories, Replacement Tiles, Grommets and Air Supply

We offer panel lifters for all surfaces, along with perforated panels, grates and grilles and under floor air distribution (UFAD) accessories. We can also provide replacement floor panels to match your existing. Just send us a picture!

Custom Rails, Modular Wiring & Accessories