ARI Products and Tate Access Floors have been providing a high level of raised access flooring installation for more than 40 years and are committed to providing accessories to manage underfloor services such as cable trays, air highways, floor grates, and diffusers for underfloor servicing.

Modular raised access flooring has created a means of providing an architectural finished floor and concrete floor system that allows for modification of open area providing easy adds, moves, and changes.

The construction of the floor creates a plenum space that allows for underfloor mechanical HVAC system, plumbing system, and electrical conduit and circuiting.

One example of underfloor services is Renaissance Technology’s data center where we provided the underfloor cable tray system

to help with the management of the thousands of feet of cabling needed to power the racks and office space provided in the building. The cable tray consisted of a multi-level cable tray system that separated the data wiring from electrical wiring with each cable tray being 2 inches to 4 inches high and ramps to divert the data and electrical wiring to the required level.

The installation was coordinated through ARI Products, the electrical contractor and design team to make sure all levels were correctly installed and all ramps leading from level to level had adequate amount of spacing for the electrical conduit run. The end resulted in an elaborate wiring system that available to track using BIM and CAD drawings.

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