access flooring system

Ellis Island Becoming American Kiosk

ARI is proud to have contributed to the newly redesigned Ellis Island Museum.  From functional simplicity to detailed finish work, ARI’s range of abilities shined on this project.

The project’s first phase is a State of the Art Control/Server Room that houses the brains of the new interactive museum.  The exhibit sits 40″ high on top of Tate’s HPL (high pressure laminate) raised access flooring system.  The raised access floor is designed to elevate and protect the expensive equipment from flooding which devastated Ellis Island during Hurricane Sandy.  In addition to the museum exhibit space; ARI constructed a 5-riser raised access floor step.  The raised floor steps are equipped with non-slip rubber tread and accompanied with two aluminum baluster railings.  The construction provides adequate working conditions along the hallway leading to the control room.

The project’s second phase is designed to mirror an existing raised access floor area.  The new raised access floor space is built for the Peopling of America Exhibit.  Along with adding raised access floor within the Exhibit space, ARI also built two new raised access floor ramps.  The raised access floor ramps are accompanied with custom wood and steel railings to match the existing area.  The raised access floor provides much needed under floor access to the kiosks.  The kiosks are used to official visitation certificates and learning how to search family records.

.access floor              Access flooring