raised access floor

Tate Grid and Tate Access Floor

It’s no secret that the demand for data has reached an all-time high and growing exponentially.  Every phone needs the support of data, shopping has left the malls, business runs on data, autos to zoos run on data.

Data Centers are the buildings that house the racks of servers that make each transaction and transfer possible.   ARI Products Inc and Tate Inc. supports these data centers by not only providing and installing anti-static raised access flooring that allows for underfloor services but also Tate structural ceiling grid for overhead  services.  

ARI Products Inc. and Tate are integral partners on the CoreSite Colocation project in Secaucus, NJ.  Growth demands fast expansion continued from previously built space in the building. 

Tate Raised Access Flooring at 36” high provides a plenum below the raised floor for large mechanical piping, conduit, and air supply.

Tate’s Structural Ceiling Grid (Tate Strut), installed at 10’ above finished floor height.  Grooved openings within the grid system provided a coordinated grid layout for installation of light fixtures, overhead fire suppression, and cabling.

Although there were many challenges coordinating delivery and production with other trades, once again, Tate Inc. and ARI Products Inc. beat the schedule with no punch list.

ARI, Tate Raised Access Floor, and Tate Grid stand ready for your next Data Center build!