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ARI is the industry leader for access flooring in the New York & Philadelphia metropolitan areas. Over the years we have expanded this service to related modular products.

ARI provides preconstruction solutions, best applications, competitive bidding, authorized installation, problem resolution, and service for the entire life cycle of your building. Our CAD and BIM department offers the latest technology. Our fully equipped carpenter workforce with OSHA training is experienced in all applications and requirements. Our offices, warehouses, fabrication shops are located ½ hour from New York or Philadelphia.

  • Committed to serving projects of all sizes in partnership with the largest raised floor manufacturer in North America, TatePMS_282
  • Tate factory authorized and UFAD certified
  • Member in good standing of the International Brotherhood of Carpenters Union
  • Over 50 years of experience furnishing and installing modular products.



In the early 60’s Charles “Gil” Gilfillan knew that computers were the next frontier. He teamed with his manufacturer and installer to bring some of the first access floors to manage wiring and air in “computer rooms” for Sperry Univac and IBM to the area. He soon started the first factory authorized full service access floor company.

In the late 70’s with the advent of the Microsoft Desktop, access floor moved from the computer room into the office space for the massive amounts of power, voice, and data wiring.

During the 80’s and 90’s the industry and ARI grew with supporting technology for Business, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Government, and emerging Tech companies.

In the late 90’s, Under Floor Air Distribution (UFAD) for the work environment was reintroduced to the United States. ARI and Tate were instrumental in the first UFAD projects in the country, Cendant Mortgage and The Keystone Building, totaling 1.5 million square feet.

In the new millennium, UFAD became mainstream in corporate headquarter buildings such as SAP America, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, Canon, and CSC and Data Center Colocation flourished.

In 2019 ARI celebrated our 50th year and Tate has successfully introduced integrated finishes through their StoneWorks plant, plank wood, and porcelain applications across the country.

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Meet Our Team

Bud Gilfillan
Bud GilfillanPresident
Years of Experience: 35+
Terry Barone
Terry BaroneVice President
Years of Experience: 35+
Joe Carroll
Joe CarrollVice President
Years of Experience: 35+
Liz Fernandez
Liz FernandezController
Years of Experience: 15+
Vinny Petruolo
Vinny PetruoloSenior Project Manager
Years of Experience: 15+
Matt Kittle
Matt Kittle Project Manager
Years of Experience: 10+
Jason Zilian
Jason ZilianProject Manager
Years of Experience: 3+
Kurt Robinson
Kurt Robinson CAD/ BIM Designer
Years of Experience: 10+
Dan Caulfield
Dan CaulfieldProject Coordinator
Years of Experience: 3+
John Ball
John BallWarehouse/ Material Sales
Years of Experience: 20+
Angie Biamonte
Angie BiamonteProject Assistant
Years of Experience: 10+